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OPJAM is your social radio, a space where recording artists, music fans and brands can create and build a social radio!"

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Your news feed is your radio station.
Hear artist shout outs, fans comments, new music and just the local 411 in your area. Keep your ear to the proverbial street through your news feed. Get used to asking your friends ‘’Oh, you didn’t know that?? Get on OPJAM”

Share Music Experiences

SAY IT LOUD with easy-to-use social audio features and express yourself like never before!
Typed dialogue lacks a certain level of personal interaction. Our audio broadcasting tools are a definite game changer. Hit record and put yourself out there!
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Music is social. Experience Music Together. Be part of a social community of passionate music lovers.
Connect with the community to build your fan base | Revolutionary broadcasting tools let you create your own social radio station. Get sponsored or advertise to support the indie community!

Broadcast on the go

with the OPJAM mobile app and connect to your local scene.
Real-time sharing has no boundaries. Keep your station up-to-date with mobile broadcast tools that let you manage and create to your station when and where you feel like it.
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Free storage
Unlimited space for your music. Upload albums, tracks broadcasts, song ideas and live jams.
Share Anywhere
Unique sharing tools and embedded players to share on blogs, Twitter, Facebook, from web or on mobile.
Get Feedback
See who’s voting to recommend, buy and see your music live. Get the attention of venues, promoters and management if you build a fan base.
Join the community
Talk and grow with your network. Broadcasting tools to help you build a social radio.
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